Enchanted Girls

The Girls


“Women are the architects of society.”


BloomingRex Theodora (Rosie) (10/5/17)

BloomingRex Buttercup x Raya Siddhartha

Rosie is on a mission.  We are still trying to understand that and she gives us lots of feedback, daily.  Her coat is lovely and thick.  She loves to mother her sibs and she is insanely attached to her mum (and me).  We continue to help her grow in emotional intelligence because she has a long list of crap she hates.  She is quite yang.  We are helping her see the benefits of yin.  We know she will balance, like the rest of us!  We love our Roses; she is one of OURS.





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Enchanted Lair Shavasana (Alice) 5/10/18

BloomingRex Buttercup x Raya Siddhartha

Alice is the baby. She is more yin and less yang, thankfully.  She balances our home with her quiet and loving ways  We are excited to watch her develop and grow into an awesome mother.  She has her mum, Buttercup and her sister Rosie, to teach her the ways,  We adore this tiny cherub and enjoy supporting her as she becomes a brilliant mother.  Currently, she is the little life that makes me feel hopeful about the future.  My life adjusts itself well after I look Alice in the eyes.  


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Retired:  BloomingRex Buttercup (BC)                                     

Raya Classy Lassy x Elfien’s Castle Harley

BC is a true velcro-kitty.  When she is not mothering

she is our shadow, following us everywhere at all times.

She gets high praise for her mothering.