Dogs, cats and humans


 I am taking a class through Coursera.    

As a breeder and pet owner, I felt it would be insightful.  Creating a place for the animals to flourish is one of my goals. 

One of the videos, entitled “Dogs, Cats and Humans” highlights the pros of pet ownership:  



Researchers have found that being responsible for a pet in childhood may positively influence concern for
others when older, and there is a suggestion that pet owning children grow
up to become much more responsible adults. It’s clear that for many people,
family pets provide comfort and companionship to children as they go
through the challenges of growing up. And they also influence our children
to live much healthier lifestyles. Dog owning children have been shown to
spend 11 minutes more per day active than those who have no dog.


The video, created at the University of Edinburgh, discusses the relationship humans have with their dog and cat pets.


Video courtesy of The University of Edinburgh.



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