Devon Info

Why Devons?

Devons are the ultimate velcro-kitty.  Some like to pretend that you are too irrelevant for them, for a few minutes, but most follow you around like a lemming.  Even the most  independent Devons actually cannot get enough of you.  They will be at the door before your car pulls up.  They back-talk, often.  Sometimes, they need a time-out.  Other times, you need a break.  But, at nap time, they are likely to be draped around your neck, purring your exhausted bones to sleep in seconds. No joke.  We have pictures.

In December 2017, we polled 107 Devon owners.

Top descriptions of the breed?

1. Monkey
2. Dog
3. Dennis the Menace
4. Child
Top Qualities?

1. Affectionate
2. Human-loving
3. Curious
4. Intelligent
Significant Behaviors?

1. Follows me everywhere
2. Sleeps with me
3. Climbs on everything
4. Plays fetch
Why Do People Choose Devons?

1. Personality
2. Allergy-free (for many)
3. Aesthetics (those ears!)
4. Love given 

Yes, this breed will keep you laughing and loving!

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