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Krazy Kat Lady


Enchanted Lair is Mary Perfitt-Nelson and her family, including husband Dave and 6 kids (in a blended family).  All kids are now  mostly flying.  Mary continues working as a teacher and school psychologist , consulting with public schools around her county in the suburbs of Detroit. Student engagement, school and classroom culture are her areas of focus.  Engaged students, teachers and staff thrive in healthy environments.

The same is true for cats. 

Our first pedigreed cat was Paco, a very Devony Sphynx.  He lived to be 15 years old, passing away just a few years ago.  We miss him dearly.  He taught us above empathy, love and letting go.  He made us fall in love with both Devons and Sphynx (his parents were one of each). 



We have been breeding since 2003 with our first litter of sphynx born in 2004.  We still have Rocky from that litter.  She is 13 and her mother, Claire, lives with my mother.  We had some success showing in CFA and were fortunate enough to create strong bonds with our families. 


After many years attempting to work through heart disease in the breed, we began outcrossing to Devon Rex.  We fell in love with the soft coats, impish behaviors and engaging personalities of the Devons.  All sphynx were neutered a few years back.  We have four elderly sphynx we adore as pets.  As breeders, we are solely focused on our small Devon program now.


What do we take pride in?

  1. Quality over quantity: We work very hard to provide an enriching environment for our cats.  This takes time, resources and a lot of intention.  We will always have the least number of individuals to keep the program running because we believe this is how healthy kittens are created and happy breeding cats are supported (currently, we have two young females and await their sire who is scheduled to come in November 2018).   Each litter is raised one at a time with great attention to the development of individual kittens.  We take time to understand who the kitten is and what kind of family it needs to thrive.  To date, we have only been wrong twice and we were there to make things right for the kitten (and family).
  2. Relationships:  We have done a great job keeping in contact with families who have our cats.  Recently, we created private Facebook groups for each litter so that the families can grow together.  Most people have visited my home more than once by the time the kitten comes to them.  Many of our families are now friends.  I can provide many references from people who have 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 of our cats (oops.  Six, Anita and Scott!).  
  3. Environment:  Our cats have a great life.  Breeding cats are raised under foot, having a normal pet life through adulthood.  They learn to love our dogs and have strong bonds with their mother and us.  This makes pregnancy and birthing easier as they trust us and look to us for support during these times.  To keep kittens safe, we have a kitten room that is large with plenty of windows and natural lighting.  It overlooks a large vegetable garden and numerous bird feeders.  Kittens will only interact with their parents (and when older, our dogs) prior to leaving our home, to be sure their immune systems are built (and protected).  We provide wonderful opportunities for play and exercise and feed the best food available.  
  4. Our cats:  We will continuously work to improve the temperament, health and type of our breeding cats.  We give full disclosure of any and all medical issues for our families (for life).  We are open and honest about the strengths and weaknesses of each cat.  We love them dearly.  


Much appreciation to our beloved families, first and foremost.  You have loved our kits in amazing ways.  Some of you helped us keep going by taking in retried (and reTIRED, lol) breeding cats (ready for your love).  A few even CHOSE to take kittens with known handicaps.  Our love goes out to you all.  You help to keep things going so that other families will also feel the love.  You balance the world and blessings will come your way for that.  

Gratitude to the following Devon Rex breeding catteries:  Raya, Simiks and Devine Devons. 

Of course, our hearts will forever be with our sphynx lines:  Nudels, Senzacapelli, SundanceNBare, Belfry, Barebods, PinupCats, Skinzin, Godz (and others).   

Also grateful for Liz Watson and Chris Makl for loving and showing the lovely beasts; Jamie Chavez for her love and friendship. 


There are circles everywhere with beginnings and endings.  


We love these babies!

Life is good.  

Peace to you and yours,