About Us

                       Jamie and Mary

are the ying and yang of CatLand.  Jamie thinks (too much).  Mary feels (too much).   They remind one another, often, yet their intuition binds them.    Always. 

Jamie and Mary began breeding 1.5 decades ago and became fast friends, fast.  Jamie lives in a little sanctuary, outside of Dallas, Texas.  Mary lives in a little sanctuary, outside of Detroit, Michigan. Their free time is spent filling bird feeders, caring for their family and cats, tending their gardens  and trying to understand the mysteries of life. 

Jamie and Mary  have more than 30 years combined experience in their role as “cat breeder”.  Their first love was the sphynx breed.  Jamie is still breeding sphynx.  Mary just caters to her elder sphynx pets, daily. 


They do this breeding thing because they believe it makes a difference in the lives of the people who come into the fold. It gives purpose and meaning for everyone involved.  


Each of them have careers outside of “cats” with steady incomes.  Each of them have families they adore.  This endeavor is a natural outcome of who they are: 

“Life is ineffable.  Beauty surrounds.  Keep your eyes wide open. ”  

The cattery name fell like ripe fruit out of a song one of their favorite artists wrote:   Radiohead “Bloom”.  the song was transformed with Hans Zimmer for Blue Planet:   “Ocean Bloom“.  The message is amazingly positive and hopeful. 


Much appreciation to the following Devon Rex breeders:  Raya, Devine Devons and Elfien’s Castle. 

We love your babies!

Life is good.  

Peace to you and yours,

Jamie and Mary